Steps to build a powerful marketing strategy

Over the past few years, people’s values, mindsets, and behaviours have shifted as we collectively re-examined how we live our lives. As a result, brands are now questioning their positioning, messaging, content, and channels in order to meet their audiences where they are and connect in new and meaningful ways.

Looking ahead, the gap between brands that authentically and purposefully engage with their audiences and those that don’t is going to widen even further. To stay ahead of the curve, brands need to set clear goals that align with their purpose and values and be open to embracing new solutions and opportunities.

Winging it is not a strategy.

A well-developed marketing and communications strategy serves as a roadmap for reaching your goals in a measurable way. It takes into consideration your strengths and opportunities, and drives you to think about what you might need to change or add. 

Here are six steps to build a killer marketing and communications strategy: 
  1. Consider your goals. What are you trying to accomplish? What does success look like? Where do you need to grow? 
  2. Know your audience. For you to be successful, you need to know who you’re talking to. Who is your ideal client or customer (be specific)? Where do they get their information? Why do they care about you?
  3. Know your brand and how to talk about it. What kind of content do you have to use in your marketing and communications activities (ex: video, stories, advice)? How does this align with what your audience wants and needs?
  4. Know your competition. Who are you in direct competition with? What is working for them?
  5. Create your content in your brand voice. Authenticity helps to build connection and trust.
  6. Measure your progress and adjust as needed. Without measurement and evaluation, how will you know it’s working? 

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